Is Gluten Free Making You Fat?

Our founder, Elika Kormeili, has been gluten free for several years now. One thing she has noticed is that gluten free doesn’t always been healthy and definitely not “low fat”. In fact, when she first went gluten free she gained weight!

Everyone thinks that gluten free is the latest health fade. Honestly, we don’t recommend it if you don’t have to. The experience of biting into a warm slice of sourdough bread is something Elika longs for. Unless you have a health condition that requires gluten free, it’s not something for the faint at heart or the weak of will.

If you are going gluten free here about some suggestions to help you prevent weight gain in the process.
1) Don’t forget that gluten free doesn’t mean “eat everything else”. You still need to use self control and watch your portions and calorie intake.
2) Watch out for those hidden sugars. Many gluten free breads have added sugar, agave or fruit juice. These calories still count.
3) Unlike wheat bread, we have yet to find a “low calorie” gluten free bread. Most of these breads of many of brown rice or oats which make them very dense in calories. So again, be mindful of your intake.
4) Try eating more lean proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits instead of dense gluten free products.

Here is to your health!


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