Insomnia bites the dust: Impact of Stress on Your Health

It’s 3 A.M. and you are still staring at the ceiling. You have counted so many sheep that you can start a farm and still nothing…sound familiar??

We ALL need sleep. Ever seen kids when they haven’t had
 their naps? They get cranky and so do adults that don’t sleep. Plus it slows down your response time (like alcohol). Sleep is vital for our health, emotions, beauty and sanity! Chances are if you are busy running around all day your mind is still processing information when your body is ready to shut down. Here are a few tricks that have worked.

1) Establish a bedtime routine.
2) Stop drinking caffeine after 2pm (this includes soda and iced teas).
3) Stop worrying about it-the more attention you put on the fact that you are not sleeping, the worse it gets.

Let us know how you do. Here is to a restful night-preferably without snoring!

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