Based in Los Angeles, Center for Healthy and Happy Living provides you with counseling to combat problems with sleep, anxiety, stress due to everyday life, and emotional eating that leads to weight gain.

Managing food restrictions can be very challenging, especially when eating a certain food can present severe or life-threatening results. Managing multiple restricted foods, food allergies or food sensitivities can be even more difficult.

Not being able to “eat like everyone else” can impact your social life, emotional health and create behavioral problems that interfere with living every day living.

So much of our culture includes food so it can be difficult to make the right decisions every day.

It is possible to enjoy life and modify your lifestyle without deprivation, but it can be overwhelming to do it alone.


At Center for Healthy and Happy Living, Elika MFT provides counseling to reduce the stress and anxiety related to food allergies and weight loss.

Populations Served

  • Adults struggling to cope their food allergies.
  • Parents needing help coping with their child’s food allergies.
  • Individuals with anxiety related to food.
  • Adults using food to food with emotions (emotionally eating).
  • Individuals needing weight loss counseling prior to weight-loss surgery.
  • Individuals with stress, insomnia, anxiety and/or depression.


As an integrative therapist in Los Angeles, Elika Kormeili (MFT45623), is the founder of Center for Healthy and Happy Living. You can learn more about her under “Meet Elika Kormeili”.

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